4 Simple Habits to Help You Stop Procrastinating… For Real This Time

Let’s face it—everyone procrastinates in one way or another. Here are 4 Simple Habits to Help You Stop Procrastinating… For Real This Time. You may have that one thing that you procrastinate on all the time, or someone who infamously procrastinates with everything. No matter what it is that you procrastinate with, breaking this habit
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meditation sound bath

What is a Meditation Sound Bath?

While there are so many different types of meditative practices out there—there is one that has been getting a particular amount of attention lately:  meditation sound bath. This form of meditation has been around for quite some time—but has recently started growing in popularity. From the outside, sound baths simply look like a large gathering
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trust your intuition

How to Trust Your Intuition

We’ve all heard that old sage piece of advice, often delivered when we are trying to make a difficult decision. “Just trust your intuition.” It is a common piece of advice, but it is one that is often more difficult to follow than it seems. While we all know what people are saying when they
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55 Zen Quotes to Calm Your Mind

Sometimes, something as simple as reading and really listening to the right inspirational zen quotes can make all of the difference in your quality of life. If you are looking for some powerful Zen quotes that will help you calm your mind, then we have 55 truly outstanding quotes for you to consider. What Zen
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