Can A Heartbreak Be Heart Opening?

Can A Heartbreak Be Heart Opening?

Heartbreak. It is something that strikes us all and that can happen to any person at any time. Heartbreak can come in different forms, it can come in the form of a loss, a death, a separation, a move or a breakup. No matter what the heartbreak comes from, there is no denying that heartbreak can change your life completely.

Research has found that real heartbreak doesn’t just have emotional repercussions, but it can actually have spiritual and physical repercussions as well. People can experience serious depression or even physical pain as a result of a heartbreak.

When you experience true loss and true heartbreak, whether you are dealing with a death or a breakup, it can have some serious, residual effects. This type of loss represents the closing of a chapter of your life, which can be extremely difficult to handle. However, this type of monumental change brings about an opportunity to open your heart even more.

There can be a silver lining. You just need to have the right attitude and understand what tools that you can use in order to help you get through this difficult time. Here are a steps that you can take in order to turn your heartbreak into a heart opening.

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Changing Your View

If you experience a real heartbreak, it typically means you have lost something that you truly cared about. While it can be difficult at the time, it is important to look back on the positive times of what you experience. Look back on your moments of love and compassion.

While they can deliver contrasting feelings, love and grief are connected, and in a way, they are friends. Love and grief are a ying and yang, and the flip side of a coin for one another. You can’t have one without the other. So, if you are able to remember the love that you had in your life that lead to the heartbreak, then you can start to soften and open up to a new mindset and your new ability to move forward.

Doing this can soften you and open you up in a way that allows you see more clearly. It also helps you deepen you mindfulness, which is another important step in your journey to opening up your heart.

Practicing Mindfulness

If you are ready to move forward from your heartbreak with mindfulness, the goal should be to gain a new perspective. As you practice mindfulness, you want to become an observer of your own thoughts so you can view, with clarity, the narrative that is going on in your mind.

When you go through heartbreak it is easy to start having negative thoughts. You may think – “I wish I did more.” “I wish I was a better partner.” “I will never find someone else.” “Life is not worth living without this person.”

These are powerful, negative thoughts, but it doesn’t mean that they are true. Mindfulness will teach to acknowledge that thoughts you are thinking and dis-identify with them so you understand that they don’t need to define you.

Doing this practice is very simple. You just need a quiet space and a few minutes per day. Here’s how to start practicing the type of mindfulness that can truly change your life, and your heartache, for the better.

  1. Find a quiet, comfortable spot where you can sit without needing to adjust yourself.
  2. Close your eyes or maintain a downward gaze.
  3. Take a deep breath in and focus on your inhale. Follow your breath through your body.
  4. Notice your air filling your lungs and your belly rising and how this big, deep breath impacts your body.
  5. Exhale and follow your breath as it leaves your body.
  6. Continue to breathe in and out deeply, counting to five with every inhale and every exhale.
  7. As you continue your practice, you will notice thoughts coming into your brain. When they do, notice the thought and acknowledge it without judgement and then let the thought leave your mind.
  8. Re-focus your attention on your breath and continue your practice.

This will teach you to be mindful of the thoughts and feelings that you have, while still understanding that these thoughts don’t have to be your truth. They are just thoughts that you can dismiss while you work on moving forward.

As you start to practice and get more familiar with mindfulness, you can start to transition your practice to mindfulness walks. In addition to focusing on your thoughts and breath, you can start to focus on the things around you in your walk, the smells, the sights and the sounds.

It is a great way to practice mindfulness while getting outside to get a little exercise and vitamin D, which is always good for the mind, body and soul.

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Moving Forward

If you are able to practice mindfulness regularly in your life as you work through your heartbreak, you will start to find the type of breakthroughs that you need in order to find some clarity and closure after your heartache.

One of the cornerstones of moving forward is to forgive. The very first person that you need to forgive is yourself, the rest will ripple out from there.

If you are dealing with death, you may find you blame yourself for the ways in which you did or did not handle certain situations. If you are dealing with a breakup, you may need to forgive the other person for their actions that resulted in the loss.

You need to get in touch with your vulnerability and this side of yourself. Closing a chapter can be devastating and heartbreaking, but you must remember that the closing of one chapter typically means the opening of a brand new chapter.

You never know what this new chapter will be, and what exciting new things it can bring. This new chapter may bring more peace or love to your life, you just need to be willing to look forward so you can be ready to welcome in a new phase.

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