How to start meditating

How to Start Meditating: A Zenful Infographic

How to start meditating? What are the steps? How long should I meditate daily? These are questions I get asked often

It seems simple enough for a guy like me who has been practicing meditation for over 12 years, but for someone just beginning the practice it can seem daunting. The first rule of meditation is — you don’t need to follow the rules rigidly. Do what makes you feel most at ease and comfortable. Focus on your breath, try to sit still and most importantly just let go.

Over the years I’ve taught numerous people the basics of a simple meditation practice. However, I noticed a lot of people would come back to me over and over asking about step they forgot or a key principle. Recently, during one of these exchanges a light bulb went off! šŸ’”šŸ’”šŸ’”

Why don’t I create a visual guide that people can reference whenever they need? Whether you’re on the go, away from cell service or just don’t feel like asking I’ve created this visual guide on how to meditate.

My nightly practice ranges from 15 minutes to an hour. Everyone has their own rhythm and cadence – so go what feels right for you. I hope you find this guide below helpful šŸ˜Š


how to meditate infographic

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