One Minute Mindfulness Tune Up 

Let’s talk about a one minute mindfulness tune up. We’ve all been there before. We become so ingrained in our mindfulness practice that we think we have everything down. We think we are practicing mindfulness on a regular basis and we are convinced that we are constantly living in a mindful and aware space. 

Then all of a sudden, a difficult or busy day comes our way and we completely lose our mindfulness practice and we start to fall back on old patterns.

Sound familiar?

The good news is, if you are already familiar with the art of mindfulness, there are several “mindfulness tune ups” that you can try when you start to lose focus. The best part is, these simple activities only take a minute to complete.

Mindfulness is a practice that you should constantly be working on and in order to truly be in a more mindful state, you need to be practicing it consistently throughout the day. This is why these little one minute activities are a perfect way to tune your mind up and refocus when you need to throughout the day. Turn to these situations when you are feeling the most overwhelmed and stressed—that is usually when you need it most.

1. Just Breathe 

It is amazing what a little breathing can do for your mind, body and soul. Next time you are feeling overwhelmed and need to refocus your attention and mindfulness, take the time to really breathe. Take a big, deep breath in. Hold it for thirty seconds. Then release. This is the perfect, easy way to refocus your mind and attention.

2. Meditate 

You can meditate for only one minute and it can still have plenty of power behind it. Meditating for just a minute is a great way to empty your mind and clear your head from all of the chaos that may be keeping you from your mindfulness practice.

3. Smile

This is something that just takes a second, not even a whole minute. Next time you feel as though you are out of focus and aren’t being mindful and present in your current situation, just remember to smile. Putting a smile on your face can help lighten your mood, refocus your attention to something more positive, and help you release endorphins naturally.

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If you can’t think of something that will make you smile, then just simply force yourself to put a smile on your face. You will be surprised by what even forcing yourself to smile can do. 

4. Read Something Motivational

Inserting some positivity into your life is a great way to help recenter your mindfulness and to help you focus your attention on what matters most. What I like to do when I’m in need of a little mental refresh and refocus is to read a motivational quote. Put a stack of them on your desk or invest in a motivational quote calendar that will keep uplifting messages nearby.    

5. Get Up and Stretch

The body and the mind are connected in more ways than we often realize. If you are feeling as though your mind is wondering and that you aren’t as focused or as mindful as you want to be. Get up and stretch next time you need to refocus your mind. It will give you a physical break from what you are doing in the moment (especially if you are sitting at your desk) and can help your mind reset itself. Plus, stretching is good for your body as well.

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6. Take a Mindful Drink Break

No, not that type of drink. Take a moment to sip on your favorite juice, water, tea or coffee—and do only that. Step away from your computer and way from other distractions. Focus only on what you are drinking for one whole minute. Pay attention to the taste and smells and how you feel as you enjoy this drink. It is a great way to practice more mindfulness while clearing your mind from the distractions around you.

7. Step Away From the Technology

Whether you leave the room, or just rotate your desk chair away form your computer screen, there is nothing better for your mind than a real break from technology. Blue light and screen time can not only have physical side effects but they can take a major toll on your body as well. Stepping away from technology will give your eyes and your mind a break so that you can reset. 

8. Let it Go

If something is truly wearing your down, then all you need to do is to pause, and let it go. It can be hard to let things that bother you go, but if they are weighing on your mind, you will never be able to be truly mindful. No matter how big or small, commit to yourself that you are going to let the things that bother you go so you can put your energy into something more important.

Have More Than a Minute?

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If you have more than a minute to tune up your mindfulness, why not go on a mindfulness walk? This is one of our favorite activities for those who are practicing mindfulness, because it helps with that mind-body connection. Mindfulness walks will get you up, moving and help you get a dose of vitamin D all while you work on your mindfulness practice.

All you really need to do is to be mindful of what you are seeing, feeling and doing while you are on your walk. Pay attention to the sights, the smells, the sounds and be present and mindful of how your body is moving and working in nature. You will be surprised by how different you feel physically, and mentally when you are done.

Remember all you need is one minute out of your day to make a big difference. Chances are, it took you longer than that to read this article. Next time you need a little mindfulness tune up and need to refocus your intentions, keep these simple activities in mind. They don’t take a lot of time or effort but they can truly make a big difference in your mindfulness and in your mindset. 

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