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How to Trust Your Intuition

We’ve all heard that old sage piece of advice, often delivered when we are trying to make a difficult decision. “Just trust your intuition.” It is a common piece of advice, but it is one that is often more difficult to follow than it seems.

While we all know what people are saying when they tell us to trust our “gut” or this magical intuition inside of us—most people don’t know exactly how to follow suit and exactly how to start trusting this feeling inside of them.’

We all have some type of intuition. You can call it a feeling, a sense of “knowing” or even a quiet voice inside our head. And if you are able to listen to it, it can help you make these important life-altering decisions. While some people chalk tuition up to an old wives tale or just a “feeling,” scientists and researchers have been looking into this idea of intuition and found that it is real and that you really can help you make decisions.

The feeling is real. It can be consulted—you just need to know the how of trusting your intuition. It can still be pretty arbitrary, but these tips will help you learn how to follow and trust your intuition and to listen to what that inner thought in your head is really saying.

Stop and Listen

It is really as simple as that. No gimmicks and no difficulties—just stop, relax and listen to yourself. If you start to take notice of what your gut is telling you, then good things are going to come your way, and you may be surprised how easily the decision that you are looking for can come to you.

Trust Your Gut

There is actual scientific research that suggests that intuition and emotion actually physically are located in our “gut.” Yup, that gut feeling is real. There are neurons in this area of your stomach, that are known as the “second brain.”

When you feel like something is right, this area of your stomach will feel clear and nourishing, and when you feel like something is off it may feel tight or aching. Listen to your stomach, if you will—it can be a great way to pay attention to that intuition and what it is saying.

Be Careful About Who is Around You

If you really want to start connecting with and trusting your intuition, you need to make sure that you have the right people around you. Negative people will only drain you from energy, cloud your mind, and they can make it more difficult to hear what your intuition is trying to say.

Don’t let these people cloud your judgement and get in the way of you being able to hear your intuition. Instead surround yourself with others who are positive, make good decisions and who will empower you to listen to what your intuition is saying.

Pay Attention to the World Around You

Sometimes, our intuition works in mysterious ways. And you can actually gather clues about what your intuition is trying to tell you by paying attention to signs and signals. Gather information from the environment and your subconscious brain can actually use it to help inform your decisions and help make it easier for you to trust your intuition.

Take the Time To Slow Down

It is so easy for many of us to constantly find ourselves going at a million miles per minute. It can be so difficult to stop and slow down when we are so busy. However, it is really important to do this and really important to learn how to slow down if you want to have the time and the mind space to listen to your intuition.

If you stop for a moment, are still and let your mind wander, you may be surprised to find what you hear.’

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How to Tell The Difference Between Fear and Intuition

There are many people who know when their intuition is speaking to them. However, there are many people who understandably mistaken the feeling of their intuition speaking to them and feelings of fear. This is completely normal, which is why it is important to understand the difference between the two feelings.

When you have fear creeping up on you, you can start to feel heavy, dark and emotionally charged. Fear can cause you to feel frustrated, confused or overwhelmed. It is a powerful feeling, like intuition can be—but it is not necessarily the same as intuition.

When your intuition is speaking to you, it can represent itself in a very different matter. Intuition tends to feel much more “unemotional” and less emotionally charged. Intuition can help you feel calm, inspired and much lighter than fear. Intuition can spontaneously arise and cause you to automatically feel “right” without any other rational thought.

Your intuition is real and it can be a valuable tool in helping you gain new perspective about your life and the decisions you have in front of you. While being able to listen to an intuition may come easier for some than others—there are ways that you can train yourself to be better at listening to this intuition.

The next time you have a difficult decision in front of you, or the next time that you are facing a fork in the road, consider these tips for learning how to listen to your intuition, so that you can pay better attention to that little voice inside your head that can guide you in the right direction.

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