Tibetan sound bowls

The History of Tibetan Sound Bowls

If you haven’t already heard of Tibetan sound bowls, these tools have been used for thousands of years as a therapeutic and natural treatment to encourage feelings of deep relaxation and regeneration. These bowls, also sometimes called “singing bowls” are used as part of sound therapy that promotes relaxing on both sides of the brain.

Whether you have been considering using signing Tibetan bowls or are just interested in learning more about this practice, understanding the history of these bowls can help you determine whether or not sound therapy is right for you.

When Were Tibetan Sound Bowls First Used? 

The first Tibetan sound bowls were used nearly 6000 years ago in the Himalayas. This came about after the Chinese invasion of Tibet. These original bowls were crafted from a type of alloy crafted out of various metals and were used to create a mysterious acoustic phenomenon. 

While the original bowls were used in spiritual healing in Tibet, these tools quickly spread due to their unique popularity and made their way to Europe and eventually the United States. These bowls actually became popular in the United States in the 1990s when interest in Tibetan culture started increasing.

What Are These Bowls Made Of?

These Tibetan bowls are crafted using alloys from a collection of different precious metals. Most bowls are made out five to seven precious metals that are connected to the different planets of the galaxy:

  • Lead (Saturn)
  • Tin (Jupiter)
  • Iron (Mars)
  • Copper (Venus)
  • Mercury (Mercury)
  • Silver (the Moon)
  • Gold (the Sun)


The bowls vary when it comes to what exact blend of metals they are made of. Both this ration and the size of the bowl impact the vibration, tone and quality of the sound it produces. There are different bowls meant for different types of healing.

Each bowl also comes with its own “striker” which is used to strike the bowl and create the sound. Some bowls will utilize wood mallets that are rotated around the rim of the bowl to create noise.

What Makes Tibetan Sound Bowls So Unique? 

The sound behind these bowls, often called “signing bowls” is what makes them so unique. So, what do the bowls sound like when used properly? Basically, these sound bowls create an “ommmmm” sound, similar to the sound you make during yoga chanting.

This unique, exotic sound uses vibrations to create the noise and promote a sound that encourages natural healing. This noise hangs in the air long after the instrument is used.

Zen of Uncertainty

What Impact Can the Bowl Have on the Body?

There are a lot of people who use Tibetan sound bowls to create a feeling of relaxation. They are popular in yoga, meditation and sound baths. However, in addition to providing mental and spiritual benefits, Tibetan sound bowls can also provide physical benefits as well. This includes benefits such as:

  • Relieving pain in the joints 
  • Open energy flow
  • Encouraging healthy muscle regeneration and promoting relaxation
  • Ease sciatica pain
  • Promoting healthier digestive system
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Helping with headaches and migraine pain
  • Promoting healing after spine injuries
  • Improving circulation

Sound can transform our physical bodies, and these Tibetan bowls utilize the power of sound to promote natural healing. This type of sound isn’t something that can be replicated with technology either. This bowl creates specific vibrations that can pass through the body and help promote better energy flow and those aforementioned physical benefits.

How Can Tibetan Sound Bowls Benefit the Mind?

The Tibetan singing bowls, or sound bowls, are perhaps most popular for their emotional and mental benefits. Regular use of these sound bowls can help relax the mind and free the brain of any emotional tensions or blockages that may be impacting your overall quality of life.

People who regularly listen to sound bowels also find that they experience better concentration. It can also help active inner-feelings and give people more mental focus and energy. This can help alleviate mental and emotional pain and challenges, which is why many people love using this sound to improve confidence, creative energy and more.

Similar to practices such as meditation, most people find that short frequent sessions with these bowls can lead to lasting benefits that an impact your everyday quality of life.

Spiritual Benefits of Tibetan Sound Bowls 

Many find there are not only mental and physical benefits of experiencing Tibetan sound bowls, but spiritual ones as well. These bowls can help deliver a more positive feeling of self and a better feeling of harmony as well. Many people find an instant euphoric or blissful feeling.

Tibetan sound bowls can also help bring feelings of balance while cleansing your chakras. The spiritual awakening that comes with using these Tibetan sound bowls can bring positive change to a person’s life. Many believe it can also bring about a sense of spiritual intelligence.

This is also why these bowls are such an integral part of Buddhist rituals.

For thousands of years, people have been experiencing the unique benefits of Tibetan sound bowls and found they can help emotionally, physically and spiritually. With such great results, it should be expected that people will continue to utilize these sound bowls for thousands of years into the future.

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