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Rock Salt Lamps: What Can They Do For Your Home?

Himalayan rock salt lamps may seem like the latest trend in world of organic home accessories. However, these Himalayan salt lamps have been around for a long time—and they are more than just decorative lights for your home.

You may have seen pink Himalayan salt lamps around a lot lately—but what exactly are they? And what can they do for your home? This guide will help you understand what these lamps are and how they can benefit your home.

What Exactly Are Rock Salt Lamps?

These Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps are more than just a bohemian style accessory for your home. These lamps are made by putting a light bulb inside a large chunk of all-natural Pink Himalayan Salt. With the light inside, these lamps give off a warm pink glow when lit.

Real Himalayan salt lamps are made from salt chunks that are harvested from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. While the salt found in this area is thought to be millions of years old—many of its properties are similar to the table salt we all use today. However, a small amount of minerals that naturally occur in these caves gives these salt rocks the pink color.

A lot of people simply enjoy putting these salt lamps in their homes because they enjoy the look of these lamps and the soft, glowing ambiance that they give off. However, even more people are adding these salt lamps to their home because of the supposed health benefits they offer.

How Do Salt Lamps Work?

Salt rock lamps may look just like your average table lamp—but the they are actually a bit different when it comes down to it. Salt lamps are thought to be “natural ionizers” which is also why people rely on them for their health benefits.

What this means is they can actually change the electrical charge of circulating air, or “improve” the air. Ions are compounds that naturally occur in the air and that carry a charge—since they have an uneven number of protons vs. electrons.

Ions are produced naturally when alterations occur in the atmospheres. A storm, a waterfall, heat and waves are all “alterations” that can ultimately product air ions. Another thing that produces ions? Possibly Himalayan Salt Lamps.

The theory behind these lamps is that they produce ions by attracting water particles in the air that evaporate off as salt when they are heated by the lamp. This is why the lamp will look like it is “sweating” while in use. What this does is produces mostly negative ions.

While there is still more research needed on the exact process behind this ion creation and on how many ions can come from Himalayan Salt Lamps—it is this concept of ion creation that makes these lamps so popular.

What Are the Health Benefits of Rock Salt Lamp

Now that you know how these salt lamps work and why they are different from an everyday table lamp with a shade—it is time to look at the suspected health benefits that these rocks give off—or why so many people are adding these salt lamps to their home.

  • Helping With Allergies and Asthma- These lamps are popular among people with allergies, asthma or other respiratory concerns as Himalayan salt is thought to help with respiratory conditions. This idea comes from the popular therapy that has people with chronic respiratory conditions spending times in salt caves to help with their breathing.
  • To Boost Mood- Exposure to high levels of negative ions may actually have an impact on serotonin levels—which are involved in mood regulation. This can be helpful for those with depressive symptoms, although much higher negative ion exposure would be needed to make significant changes. Many people also just find the soft, natural glowing light to be a mood booster as well.
  • To Help With Sleep- The soft glow of the Himalayan salt lamp can help you avoid using bright lights or blue lights in the evening. This will help keep your sleep cycle on track. They also bring a nice ambiance to your bedroom.
  • To Improve Air Quality- If you are worried about airborne pollutants in your home—like smoke, dust, hair or pollen—and the impact that they may have on your health, then this lamp can help. Through the lamps hygroscopic properties, they can attract salt and trap water molecules in the air to naturally remove unwanted elements from your air space.

Health benefits like this can be part of your everyday routine, with the simple addition of a plug-in lamp.

Where to Add Himalayan Salt Lamps to Your Home

If you are looking to bring some of the power of the Himalayan Salt Lamp into your space—then there are a few suggested places in your home that you should consider putting these lamps. Think about the places you spend the most time in—your home office, your bedroom your basement living room.

Consider putting your lamps in the rooms that you are in the most often—or in rooms where you feel as though you could benefit from some air purification. Typically, since these lamps are smaller in size, they work best in smaller or more confined rooms. Of course, you could always add two lamps to a single space to really test out and see for yourself if you are enjoying the health benefits that this salt rock lamps are so well known for.


If you are looking for a new home accessory for your space—then a Himalayan salt lamp may be just what you are looking for. In addition to being a stylish addition to your space—this Himalayan Salt lamp can also help bring a renewed sense of health and wellness to your home. The only question is—how many places will you be able to find to put your new Himalayan Salt Lamps?

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