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A Daily 10-Minute Meditation That Can Transform Your Mind

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools that you can use in order to transform your mind and change it for the better. One of the many great things about meditation is that you don’t have to practice for long in order to get benefits from this ancient art form.

In fact, with just a 10-minute meditation per day, you can completely transform your mind and be on your way to a better life—quicker than you ever thought possible.

Why is Daily Meditation Important?

If you aren’t already engaging in daily meditation—there is no better way to help focus your mind, clear your busying thoughts or open yourself up to new opportunities and ways of thinking.

It can help you get ready for your workday, help you be the best version of yourself and help you with stress, anxiety and all of those things that can bring you down.

People who meditate daily are proven to be more focused and less anxious. They have a better peace of mind, and think more openly than they did before. A 10-minute meditation may not seem like it will do a great deal, but it is actually powerful enough to completely change your mind.

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Your Guide to 10 Minute Meditations That Can Help You Transform

One of the best things about daily meditations is that they don’t need to be long in order to be effective. In fact, just 10 minutes per day can completely transform your mind.

Need help getting started? Here is a daily 10-minute meditation that is perfect for anyone, no matter how experienced or inexperienced they may be with meditative practices.

Setting the Scene

If you want to meditate in a way that will really transform your mind, then you need to start by setting the right scene. Nothing will disrupt your practice quite like trying to meditate in the wrong place.

While some of the most experienced meditators in the world can virtually practice anywhere if they need to—if you are just getting started are interested in meditating in a way that will really transform your mind, then you need to do it in the right environment. Here’s how you set the scene for proper meditation:

  • Find a quiet place, where you can be alone.
  • Leave your cell phone and other distracting electronics outside of your meditation space.
  • Find somewhere comfortable to sit where you will not need to adjust your position.

Once you have your perfect place picked out for your 10-minute meditation—you can start your practice.

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Maintaining Proper Posture

Proper posture is an essential part of a successful meditation session. No matter where you are sitting during your meditation, you need to make sure you have strong posture that starts in your core.

When you sit with your proper posture, feel your bottom on your seat, and your feet as they hit the floor. Keep your torso straight but erect, and your shoulders relaxed. Keep your head directly inline with the rest of your spine and your chin up—then rest your hands gently and comfortable on your thighs.

Once you get in this proper posture position, adjust as-needed to make sure that you are in a position that is comfortable so that you don’t feel the need to constantly readjust.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing is one of the most important components of any proper meditation session. You should use your breath as an anchor for your attention—whenever you feel as though your attention is drifting away from your session, focus back in on your breath.

You should always be maintaining deep, even cleansing breaths throughout your session. As you breathe, pay close attention to your breath and how it flows in and out of your nostrils and into your abdomen.

Before you get started with your 10-minute meditation, take three, really deep breaths in to get yourself centered and focused—then begin your session.

Keeping Your Thoughts Centered

For the next ten minutes, you will simply keep breathing and make sure that your mind is only focusing on your breath. Whenever you feel as though your thoughts are overwhelming you or your mind is wandering, focus back on that breath.

Your goal is to keep your negative, overly emotional or distressing thoughts at bay—and to instead only focus on spending time with your mind in the simplest and purest way possible. If some thought keeps coming up in your mind, here’s what you need to do: notice it, acknowledge it and then come back to your breath. Don’t focus too much on trying to ignore or push these thoughts out of your mind.

Remember, it is only a 10-minute meditation, so it won’t be hard to keep your mind clear if you just stay focused.



If you are looking for a way to completely transform your mind; then there is no better way to bring about change than through regular meditation. All you need is 10 minutes per day to yourself, and you can start seeing these transformations unfold.

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