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Introducing Jessie Moore To the Zenful Spirit Team !

The Zenful team is expanding! In this post, I’m proud to introduce my new partner, Jessie Moore. Please see her letter of introduction below!


Hello Zenful Spirit followers!

My name is Jessie Moore, and I couldn’t be more delighted to have joined Dhaval Patel as a partner in Zenful Spirit.

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Like the website’s founder, Dhaval, I am deeply dedicated to personal growth and helping foster the same in others.

Originally from the Jersey Shore, I have lived many different lives during my years on this earth. After attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn as an Illustration major, I worked in the greeting card industry for several subsequent years in both New York City and then Seattle.

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While living in Seattle, I founded the business, a website which combined three of my great loves: writing, illustrating, and baked goods. I spent several years as a minor internet celebrity food blogger and wrote several dessert-centric cookbooks.

But times change, and so did I. With an increasing interest in yoga, nutrition, and self improvement, I eventually decided to shut down the CakeSpy website in favor of other freelance writing and illustration projects that allowed for greater schedule and geographic flexibility. As a freelancer, I have written on a wide variety of topics, from finance to fitness to art. Best of all, this lifestyle allows me to work from anywhere: I have lived in Santa Fe, NM, Asheville, NC, and now, in Philadelphia, PA.

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An avid yogi, I practice Ashtanga yoga 6 days a week and occasionally teach vinyasa and yin yoga as well. I have a daily meditation practice and am an enthusiastic supporter of the idea that everyone can benefit from incorporating mindfulness into their daily routine.

As a partner in Zenful Spirit, I hope to help you foster self improvement and empowerment through mindfulness, meditation, and joyful living. I’m looking forward to connecting with you on this platform and on YouTube!


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