Emotionally Intelligent People

Simple Tricks Emotionally Intelligent People Use

 Emotionally Intelligent People

Emotionally intelligent people have a very unique advantage in our world today. While some people may not value the power of emotional intelligence, or even really understand what it is, emotionally intelligent people have such an advantage not only when it comes to understanding their own emotions but the emotions of others as well.

Emotionally intelligent people are not only able to have stronger bonds with others, but a stronger relationship with themselves as well. They know their own emotions and won’t let anyone limit their happiness, because they have such an innate understanding of how emotions work. Building your emotional intelligence can take some time and some practice, but it will be worth it in the end, and there are things that you can do now to start becoming more emotionally intelligent.

In fact, here are a few simple tricks that emotionally intelligent people use to better their lives on a daily basis.

They Welcome Feedback

Part of building emotional intelligence, comes down to being open to criticism and feedback. Emotionally intelligent people won’t let feedback hurt their feelings, instead they will use this feedback to try to better themselves, and to be more aware of how their actions are impacting others. It can be difficult at first, but over time you will start to welcome feedback and understand the positive impact that it can have.

Start small and ask for feedback and constructive criticism just once today and start practicing how you will apply that feedback to your life.

They Acknowledge Their Feelings Out Loud

Emotions are so internal for so many people, that in order to truly be emotionally intelligent, you need to start talking about your emotions out loud. Doing this will help you build a stronger emotional vocabulary and it will prevent you from falling into a cycle of repressing your emotions when they make you feel uncomfortable. Next time you feel a strong emotion, go to a private place, look in the mirror and say “I am feeling angry right now.” Or, “I am feeling happy right now.” This little act will help you become more in tune with the emotions you have.

They Practice Mindfulness

Emotionally intelligent individuals have such a better grasp on mindfulness than the average person, because they practice it every day. We have all heard of the benefits of mindfulness and mindful meditation, but another great perk is that it can really help with your emotional intelligence.

Mindfulness, is really quite simple, it is just the art of paying attention on purpose, in a non-judgmental way so you are present and open in the moment. When you do this you learn to observe your thoughts and feelings, without any judgement. It can bring your clarity and awareness, it can open your mind to how other people may be feeling and it can help prevent negative emotions from taking over.

They Take Responsibility For Their Behavior, And Their Feelings

This can be challenging, but it is a very helpful step in building emotional intelligence. You are responsible for your emotions, just like you are responsible for your actions—no one else is. Saying that someone else “caused” you to feel or act a certain way is not taking responsibility for your actions, it is placing blame.

You need to change this mindset.

If your feelings are hurt based one what someone says or does, and you respond by yelling at them. This is your fault. You need to accept responsibility for not only what you did but how you felt, it will help your life in so many different ways. No matter what someone says to you, your feelings are not their responsibility.

So, instead of saying “you made me feel sad,” or “you caused me to lash out at you,” start simple. Replace the noun. Say “I feel sad,” or “I lashed out at you.” It is a small, but powerful swap that can really help you build emotional intelligence and change the way that you interact with the world.

These tips are small, yet powerful ways that emotionally intelligent people continue to grow their intelligence, and they are simple steps you too can take to change your life for the better.

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