The Truth About Materialism 

We’ve all been there before. When we find ourselves lusting after an item, or multiple items, thinking that owning these items is going to make you happy. In fact, even in the moment, we may think that now owning these items is going to make us feel better, happier or more fulfilled. But the feeling doesn’t last. Materialism is fleeting …

This is because no matter how much we are tempted to buy the newest designer handbag or the latest iPhone, materialism doesn’t actually make us happy. It provides that instant gratification we are looking for, but it never really makes us happy. After all, that new phone you bought is about to be replaced in a matter of months with a newer model. Then what? What will make you happy next?

There are so many people today who fall into the trap of materialism, and it is easy to see why. Material items can have such an allure and they can make us feel as though they will leave us feeling fulfilled. However, whether you are feeling down, feeling lonely or just like to feel happy, these material objects will never really provide you with that fulfillment you are looking for. You are always going to be focused on the next thing you can buy and the next thing you can own almost instantly after your purchase.

Not convinced? Here are a few more truths about materialism that showcase how little joy materialism can actually bring.

It Distracts You From What Really Matters in Life 

When you spend your time and energy pursuing stuff—you are distracting yourself from pursuing what is really important in life: your goals. It can be so hard to stay focused on your goals when you have a materialistic mindset. Working towards your goals to find success is all about patience. Materialism, on the other hand is all about instant gratification.

In the long run, putting time and effort into the goals you want for yourself and your life is going to actually have you feeling fulfilled. It is just important that you don’t let materialism get in the way.

Cultivate Compassion

Materialism Is a Slippery Slope 

That instant gratification that materialism provides can be a very slippery and very dangerous slope. In fact, many people become addicted to that feeling of instant gratification with material things. This is why so many people who are materialistic have so many of the same things. Whether its clothes, jewelry, technology or collectables, they become addicted to getting more and buying more. This is why you will see people with every new iPhone and every new bag.

It can be easy to become addicted to that temporary feeling of satisfaction that accompanies materialism and to start falling into a dangerous cycle of needing to buy and have more and more to get that feeling of satisfaction again.



More Doesn’t Mean Better 

One of the biggest pitfalls of materialism comes with the fact that many materialistic people start to think that more is better. But this isn’t true. According to a study from the Journal of Psychological Science, having too much can prevent you from savoring life’s pleasures, and experiencing a more consistent level of happiness throughout your life.

Plus, more stuff, means more clutter and therefore more stress. You would be surprised by how much less stress you would have without another object in your home. After all, chances are you aren’t going to need to use all of those materials you purchased in the first place.

All of these facts about materialism don’t mean you can’t spend money. After all, you work hard for your money, you should be able to spend it on what you want. If you want to buy something that will actually lead to happiness, spend it on experiences for yourself and for your loved ones. The joy you get from your memories will not fade like the temporary joy you get from buying things. It will last and it will stay with you. Plus, you can still get that little hint of joy that comes with the purchasing aspect of buying a new, meaningful and memorable experience for yourself.

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