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7 Zen Instagram Accounts to Follow to Inspire Your Spirit

Zen Instagram Accounts

Zen Instagram Accounts: If you want to really inspire your Zenful Spirit and bring some positive change to your life, there are a few different ways you can do it. However, you may be surprised to find that one of the easiest and most effective ways to inspire this part of your soul is just as easy as logging on to your Instagram account. Add these seven Instagram accounts to the ones you already follow to get your daily dose of zen and to start inspiring your Zenful spirit today.

  1. Dhavalilama

Dhaval’s profile says it all with his “good vibes only” mantra. This ultra-positive Instagram account is filled with awe-inspiring photographs that are sure to awaken your Zenful spirit. This account embodies exactly what Instagram is all about—sharing messages through photos and the photos from the LA-based hobbyist photographer are sure to brighten your mood and your spirit every time you see them.

  1. Zenful Spirit

Ready for your daily dose of zen? Zenful Spirit can help. With inspirational memes and quotes to inspire your day and change the way you look at the world—you can’t help but want to follow this account. Zenful Spirit is all about mindfulness, zen and stress relief, which is something we can all use in our everyday lives.

  1. Dalai Lama

It doesn’t get more zen instagram than the Dalai Lama, which is why this Instagram account is a must follow. If you weren’t already aware that the Dalai Lama has his own Instagram, now is the time to get on board. You can follow His Holiness’ adventures, find inspirational quotes and see images of some of the most zen-inspiring destinations in the world.

  1. National Geographic Travel

Nothing can change your perspective quite like escaping to nature. While we can’t just snap our fingers and be transported to the plains of Africa or the coast of the Antartic Peninsula, we can get the next best thing—stunning photos of these exotic places, and it’s all thanks to National Geographic Travel’s Instagram. Trust us, nothing is as soothing for the soul as getting lost in the stunning images that this account posts.

  1. Jimmy Chin

The only thing that is better than following the National Geographic Travel Instagram is following the Instagram of one of National Geographic’s top photographers, Jimmy Chin. His posts are all about finding beauty throughout the world and will bring a calming peace to your day, no matter what chaos is erupting around you.

  1. Animals Doing Things

Let’s be honest, nothing makes us feel calm and warm and fuzzy inside quite like a great animal video. After all, that’s why so many animal videos are so popular on the internet. Animals Doing Things is a great Instagram account to follow if you need something that will make you pause, take a moment and just say “aww” in the middle of your day. This Instagram account boasts it is the “greatest collection of animal videos ever assembled’ and their more than 1.2 million Instagram followers likely agree.

  1. Navaneeth Unnikrishnan

Every one of Navaneeth’s photos are posted with a simple goal in mind—to inspire in one way or another. This soulful photographer has had his work featured in the Huffington Post, BBC Earth and National Geographic and his Instagram account features the best-of-the-best of his work. With photos from all over the globe that are sure to inspire your spirit.

One of the most amazing things about being able to feed your Zenful spirit is that there are tools you can use to inspire that spirit around you each and every day. Something as simple as your Instagram account can be used to bring new positivity and perspective into your life—all you need to do is make a few clicks of your mouse.

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