How to Get Away With Meditating at Work

If you have ever found yourself overwhelmed by the demands of your job and wished you were able to step away, relax and unwind for a moment, taking a meditation break probably seems like a great solution. Unfortunately, most companies do not offer their employees the opportunity to just get up and meditate in peace and quiet during the day.

The good news is, there are ways that you can get away with meditating while at work, and you don’t need a special meditation room to do it. Meditating at the office isn’t always easy, but if you are simply willing to take just two minutes out of your day, you can start seeing some tremendous benefits including increased productivity, improved mood and more concentration in the office. It can also help with that dreaded workplace stress and anxiety.

Here are a few ways that you can pull off worktime meditation, without having your boss think you are slacking.

Use Your Car to Your Advantage

Before you drive away on your lunch break to grab a quick bite, give yourself two minutes in your car to start meditating. Your car provides you with a silent space where you won’t be interrupted. You can even make a simple excuse to go out for your car during the workday. Sit in complete silence. Take a deep breath in and all the way out. Follow the breath with your mind and pay attention to the rising and falling of your breath, if your mind is distracted, then draw your attention back to your breath. Just two minutes of this can really go a long way.

Practice Calming Meditation

Calming meditation, also known as Samantha meditation can help increase your focus so that you are more productive. It is easy to practice this form of meditation right at your desk. Pick an inanimate object on your desk and focus in on it. When your mind wanders, or you are distracted by a noise, focus back on your object. It will help you meditate calmly and will help increase your productivity, without having it look like you are taking a snooze at your desk.

Listen to Binaural Beats

If you are used to having headphones in while in the office, then listening to binaural beats can be a great way to quiet your mind and to start meditating. These beats are two tones that have slightly different frequencies, playing in both your right and your left ear. When your brain hears two different frequencies it combines them and levels them out, which can help put you in a deep, meditative and focused state. You can do this and no one will know you aren’t listening to the latest Taylor Swift song.

Take a Meditative Walk

There are many companies that encourage their employees to get up and walk, either on breaks throughout the day or at their lunch time. Go outside and start talking, becoming aware of every step that you take and what is going on in the world around you. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you hear? How are your steps against the ground? As you take this walk, try to be mindful of what is around you while taking in several deep, inhalations and exhalations.  When you return to your desk, you will feel refreshed, reawakened and ready to take on the stress of the day.

Talk to Your Boss About Meditation Opportunities

Several big companies such as Google and Facebook have actually added meditation rooms to their offices and have found great success with meditative programs. By allowing employees dedicated time during the day to meditate in private, if they wish, many organizations have found their team members are able to work better, faster, harder and be more productive. It is something that your organization may find great benefit in.

Keep these tips in mind if you are looking for a way to better your workday and to be more productive in the office. Workplace meditation is the key to success for many individuals and may be just what you need in order to be your best self while at work, while still taking time for yourself and your wellbeing.

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