Uncovering your Highest Potential Using Mindfulness

Mindfulness, it is a term that many hear about when it comes to meditation, and one that you have probably been told about in the past. In a way, mindfulness can be a rather vague term and one that can be simplified as “being mindful of the world around you.” Whether you are familiar with mindful meditation or not, having a great understanding of mindfulness, what it is and how it works can drastically change your life and help you uncover your highest potential. In fact, you may be capable of things you never thought were possible before simply by harnessing the power of mindfulness.

Covering the Basics

Before you start using mindfulness as a way to unlock your hidden potential, you need to cover some basics and have a better understanding of mindfulness and how you should be meditating. Mindfulness is all about paying attention to the present and about being in the here and now. All you need to do is to be able to sit for around 20 minutes at a time (or less if you can’t manage that much) and start breathing.

As you inhale in, follow your breath and be mindful of how it flows through your body. It is really that simple. It isn’t about mantras or meditation stools, religion or beliefs, it is about being in the present without distractions.

There are other ways to practice mindfulness as well. One of the most common is to simply walk with no destination in mind. Taking a quick stroll and paying attention to what you see, hear and smell as you continue to wander will teach you the importance of being in the here and now instead of focusing on rushing to get to your next destination.

MindfulnessHow it Can Help Change Who You Are

Those who practice mindfulness regularly are often surprised by how much of an impact it can have on their life and how they are able to change thanks to mindfulness. Here are some of the ways that you can change who you are as a person and unlock qualities that you never thought possible.

  • It can help you self-reflect more. Simply put, the more present you are in the moment, the more you are able to compare your current state to your past, so you can harness new ways to change for the better.
  • It can help you have a better awareness of what you are doing, before you do it. As you become more mindful and present, you will start to be aware of the impact of what you do and say can have on your life.
  • You can start to become more appreciative of what you have. Whether it is being mindful of the fact that you have a hot meal in front of you or the fact that you have a roof over your head, you will start to find you are a more appreciative individual in your everyday life.
  • You will be less stressed and anxious. Mindful meditation is a popular tool used to help those with stress and anxiety in their lives and is something that can really help deliver results.

These internal changes can also help facilitate new external changes and help you acquire new, positive skills as well.

How it Can Help You Acquire New Skills

As you start to practice mindfulness, you will likely start to develop a new, better and more positive relationship with yourself. At first, you will likely notice the changes within yourself. However, over time you will start to notice some new skills and abilities and others will likely take notice as well. Here are some of the big changes you can expect with regular mindfulness.

  • You will start to be more understanding and patient. Your friends and family will likely notice a calmer and more understanding you as you continue to practice mindfulness and continue to find the serenity that this brings.
  • You will have more focus and be more productive. Don’t be surprised if your boss starts to notice an increase in your productivity. Mindfulness teaches you how to focus, which is why many people practice mindfulness as a way to be more productive in the workplace.
  • You will start being less argumentative and defensive with family and friends while being less critical of others.
  • You will have less issues with mental health and be more positive. In fact, many studies have found that those who practice regular mindfulness are better able to deal with even the most critical of depressive symptoms.

If you want to reach your fullest potential and be the best version of yourself possible, then consider practicing mindfulness regularly. All you need is 20 minutes per day and the willingness to give this way of thinking a try, and the possibilities will be endless.

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