Four Amazing Health Benefits of Meditation

If you have never practiced the art of meditation before, then you may not realize all of the amazing benefits that come from regular meditation. Countless individuals find that meditation can have some truly outstanding mental benefits and numerous studies have been done on the mental and emotional benefits that meditation can have as it clears the mind and promotes focus.

Those who practice mindful meditation often report they are more self-aware, more emotionally stable, less stressed and happier. Many people are able to focus more and find peace in their everyday lives. However, there are also some great physical health benefits that can come with regular mindful meditation.

Here are four amazing health benefits of regular meditation that may not only surprise you, but change your life for the better.

  • Vascular Health Benefits

Countless organizations including the American Heart Association have found that regular meditation can not only help you let go of stress but that it can actually help you maintain better heart health. Studies have found those with heart disease are less likely to suffer from a stroke or heart attack with regular meditation and in general those who meditate are less likely to die within five years of being diagnosed with heart disease.

The deep breathing of meditation can also bring regularity to your cardiovascular system and while it isn’t a complete substitute for diet and exercise, it can go a long way in promoting better heart health.

  • Better Blood Pressure

Meditation is a common cure for stress and one of the most effective ways to help those who deal with chronic stress to manage their condition. In addition to improving stress, many meditation-addicts also report being able to lower their blood pressure through regular meditation. Studies have found that those with heart disease are less likely to suffer from a stroke or heart attack with regular meditation.

The regular breathing and peace of mind that comes with regular meditation has been found to lower high heart rates and high blood pressure and to help people maintain normal blood pressure rates, especially when they consistently meditate.

  • Meditation and Arthritis

Perhaps one of the most unexpected health benefits of meditation is arthritis relief. Experts are finding that there are strong physical and psychological connections among those who suffer from arthritis and that regular mindful meditation can actual help relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

While meditation won’t cure the cause of arthritis, it can help those dealing with the chronic pain of this condition to find peace as they relax their mind and find natural relief for their pain. Those who want real arthritis relief should make sure their meditation becomes a regular practice so they can maintain its effects over the long-term.

  • Mental Health Benefits

Being healthy not only means peak physical health but peak mental health as well. Many studies have been done on the effects of mental health and meditation and the results are rather impressive.  There is more to meditation than just finding peace in your day. Studies have found that there are a number of outstanding mental benefits of this exercise. This can include:

  • Decrease in the likelihood of depression
  • Help managing anxiety
  • Reports of better mood and emotional stability
  • Increased focus and productivity
  • Helping improve the brain’s grey matter—or the area associated with processing information

meditation anxiety

Depression is perhaps one of the most studied areas of mental health and meditation, with a now famous study on the practice finding that meditation is just as effective as most anti-depressant medications. If you want to promote better mental health and are worried about the effects of stress, anxiety, depression or related conditions, then it may be time to give meditation a try. Plus, it comes with much fewer side effects than most medications that are designed to treat these conditions.

If you haven’t given mindful meditation a chance yet, now may be the time. While you may not be interested in the emotional awareness or mental sharpness that this regular exercise can bring, you may be ready and willing to benefit from some of the great health benefits that can come with regular meditation.

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