How Meditation Benefits Your Family and Friends

Practicing the art of daily meditation is a great way for people of all ages, genders and backgrounds to relax, unwind and find mental peace and clarity. There are so many personal benefits that can come with regular meditation. However, what many people don’t realize is that meditation can actually help your friends and family. Here are some  ways that regular meditation can help those closest to you.

  • Reduces Stress

If stress tends to get you down and tends to filter into your relationships then you should consider daily meditation. One of the main reasons people meditate is because it helps them reduce stress and attain a clear, worry-free mind. If you find yourself snapping at your friends and family because of your own personal stress, then it may be time to consider this stress-relieving approach. You may be surprised how hidden tension may be seeping into your interpersonal relationships once you start looking in.

  • Increases Happiness

Happy people make great friends and family members and in general, they are easier to get along with. Those who meditate regularly have been shown to be happier, more relaxed, less aggressive and  more satisfied with their lives. Having a positive mindset is contagious and can have ever lasting benefits for those around you. Meditating has been shown to provide a sense of clarity, and when done right, can allow you to release negativity.


  • It Helps You Be More Accepting

One of the many things that regular meditators have found with their practice is that with regular meditation they are naturally more accepting of the world around them and of the people around them as well. Your friends and family members will likely be delighted with how much more accepting you are of their choices, their lives and them in general once you start meditating regularly.

  • Improves Your Ability to be Empathetic

As you meditate daily, you may notice positive changes in your life. Empathy is one of those subtle changes that has the ability to change your mindset. Empathy is a trait that can be cultivated through regular meditation, especially if you practice loving-kindness meditation or metta meditation. This is a specific type of meditation that focuses on building thoughts of compassion for others and over time allows you to develop a true sense of empathy that can strengthen your relationships with others.

  • It Improves Emotional Stability

So much of meditation is about self-awareness, self-understanding and about learning to be in control of your mind and body. We all have moments where we let our emotions run rampant and where we may say something or act a certain way because of an emotional response. As you gain more emotional stability, chances are you will find you have fewer negative emotional responses to your friends and family and that you are able to be more open with them emotionally as you strengthen your relationship.

  • It Can Help You Listen Better to Others

Meditation allows you to be aware of those tiny triggers that make or break a conversation . By keeping these triggers in check you can dictate how pleasant an interaction with someone will be.  One key to a positive interaction is to listen more.  Just imagine how much better your relationships with friends and family members could be if you were a better listener. If you start gaining the self-understanding that comes with regular meditation, chances are you will find yourself really honing in and understanding what others are saying.

Family meditation

  • It’s a Bonding Experience

Seasoned meditators know firsthand how vital it is to keep a daily practice. There is a reason that those who meditate constantly share their practice and experience with non-meditators.  Those who truly master the art of meditation are often quick to encourage other people in their life to do the same because it encourages a positive energy with relationships.

Meditation is a great form of bonding for your friends and family and a truly enlightening experience to share with those  you care about.  At its core, meditation is all about finding ways to improve your own life, mind and well-being. So why not help others do the same?

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