Mindful resolutions

2023 Zenful & Mindful Resolutions

Happy New Year!

This year my mindful resolutions is to create a more personal approach to this blog. For years I have provided many free resources on how to meditate, practice yoga, eat mindfully and live mindfully 🙂

Don’t worry — the resources will still be free! They will just have a personal touch by yours truly. I’ll share my experiences, insights and continued journey to enlightenment. It’s true you can’t attain enlightenment in one life-time or a million, it’s a slow infinite progression.

I’ll start with some personal news. I recently sustained a pretty severe knee injury — I tore my ACL while mountain biking. It’s a tragedy but also an opportunity. An opportunity to share more of my story and experience and growth through this injury. It’s an opportunity for perspective — someone always has it worse than you and me. This injury has also taught me many lessons universal to life: Be glad for what you have. Walk slow.  Don’t dwell on what happened. Focus on the future. Without grief there is no joy.

Mindful Resolutions

Even with this injury I intend to travel and enjoy life to the fullest. I’ll slow down as much as I need to do stay present and heal. I look forward to sharing photos from my journeys, meditations and thoughts. I hope you enjoy this new format!

Here is a photo from a recent adventure in my own backyard here in Las Vegas. The low clouds danced above the horizon in a dance that sang to my soul. I got lost in the moment photographing these amazing peaks – so much so that I almost got frostbite.

clouds dancing


I also intend to up the cadence of my writing. I have resolved to journal more – using this great platform to listen and learn as well. The best way for me to learn from the community is for the community to ask questions, provide feedback and interact. I hope to hear from you !


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