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The 7 Best Meditation Apps for 2019

There are so many ways to begin practicing the art of meditation — which leads to the discussion of the best meditation apps . While some people prefer to read about meditation and start practicing and others go to meditation guides—one of the most popular ways to start practicing meditation in 2019 is to use a meditation app.

Meditation apps, just like they sound, are convenient phone apps that you can use in order to help guide you through a meditative session. The right app can really help you practice meditation whether you are a novice, an expert or anywhere in between. However, there are tons of different meditation apps to choose from and unfortunately, not all of these apps are created equal.

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The good news is, I have taken care of a lot of the hard work for you—and researched (and tried) many of today’s top meditation apps on your behalf. After testing out several programs I have created our own comprehensive list of the seven best meditation apps for 2019, along with a detailed rundown of what you can expect when you try one of these apps out for yourself.

I hope this list will not only open your eyes to the power of meditation apps, but save you some effort so you don’t waste your time with apps that don’t work, but instead focus on the ones that do.

  1. The Mindfulness App

Price: Free With Trial

Works On: iPhone and Android

The Mindfulness app is filled with features and is rated well for both iPhone and Android users. We love that it is also free with trial, so you have the opportunity to test it out before you fully commit.

This meditation app has a five-day guided meditation practice that can really help you dive in head-first with your meditation efforts as well as other offers that can help you with your individual meditation habits.

Another unique feature that comes with the mindfulness app, is that it will actually give you a reminder for when it is time to relax—a feature that nearly all of us can really use. Another great feature of the Mindfulness App is that you can actually integrate it with a number of other health apps, so you can really seamlessly make this program part of your daily life.

If you are looking for an app that can teach you to be more mindful, this is the app for you. Plus, you can actually purchase more features if you upgrade to the app’s premium subscription.

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  1. Calm

Price: Free During Trial Period

Works On: iPhone and Android

Looking to bring more calm into your life? The Calm app is just what you need. This program has a wide range of guided meditations to assist people to bring more relaxation to their lives. I love this app because it is a powerful tool for stressed out individuals (like myself) who need a reminder in order to stay calm in times of distress.

There are several guided meditations to choose from ranging from brief 3-minute sessions to more substantial 25-minute guided meditations. I love the 3-minute sessions for stressful days because they are the perfect way to take a brief moment away from the daily stressors of your life, regain composure and move forward. The 25-minute sessions are great for when you have the time to sit down for a real guided meditation.

Another great feature that comes with the Calm app is the Daily Calm feature. This is a 10-minute program that you can use as part of your daily practice. I love this feature because it will help you get in a daily routine with meditation—something I think is one of the most difficult parts of adopting meditative practices.

Calm also includes breathing exercises, options for unguided meditations, soothing sounds and sleep stories that will help you get better rest. Plus, there is a premium subscription with even more features.

  1. Meditation Timer Pro

Price: $1.99

Works On: iPhone and Android

This simple, yet effective voice app is one of my favorites, because as a seasoned meditator, I don’t always need the robust apps that have all of the bells, whistles and guided meditations. Instead, the Meditation Timer Pro has exercises available that can enhance your current meditation practices.

You can create you own specialized meditation experience by adding sounds, chimes and more and you can also use the app to take track of your progress with your meditative practices.

  1. Headspace

Price: Free With Trail

Works On: iPhone and Android

This is another great app that is free with trial and the free trial is filled with great exercises that both new and experienced meditators can benefit from—although it is geared primarily towards beginners and learning about the basics of meditation. These exercises will also help you learn more about how to meditate and how to apply regular meditation to your everyday life.

If you are looking for an app that can teach you about what meditation is and how to apply it to your life—this is the app for you. It is a great option for beginners and can help you create a foundation for success in your ongoing venture with mediation.

I also love Headspace, because it is really organized and has different progress pages and rewards systems to help you stay motivated and on track with your daily meditation efforts. If you are someone who needs to be accountable for their actions in order to develop habits like this—then Headspace is for you. There is even a Buddy System that lets users connect with other Headspaces users in order to stay on track.

You can also upgrade to the premium subscription in order to access even more features.

  1. Buddhify

Price: $4.99 iPhone $1.99 for Android

Works On: iPhone and Android

If you are looking for a serious meditation app or one of the best meditation apps , then Buddhify is the program for you. It is a great app for the serious meditator, and the individuals who are looking for a more robust platform that can help them take their meditation to the next level.

Buddhify truly has something for everyone—including more than 11 hours of custom meditation programs that you can utilize in order to work with your specific goals and efforts. The best part is, each practice can actually be geared towards different aspects of your life.

Looking for help with meditation to help you sleep? Buddhify can help. Interested in getting a break from the stressors from work? Buddhify has a meditation session for you.

This is a great option for people who aren’t just learning how to meditate, but those who are looking for ways to incorporate meditation more seamlessly into your life. I love this app for meditators who are looking for ways to start more focused types of meditation.

  1. Insight Timer

Price: Free

Works On: iPhone and Android

If you are looking for access to a library of guided meditations and are more focused on finding your own guided meditations to try out and explore—then the Insight Timer is for you. There are more than 4,500 different free guided meditations available on this app, from more than 1,000 meditation practitioners. You can also get access to more than 750 meditation music tracks.

My favorite feature, however, is the ability to customize your meditation using the background sounds and meditation tools available through the program. You can mix and match and create a customized experience that works best for you.

There is also an option to purchase a monthly subscription that allows you to listen to these guided features offline as well—so you can truly take the Insight Timer wherever you go.

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  1. Stop, Breathe and Think (The Best Meditation Apps) 

Price: Free

Works On: iPhone and Android

This meditation app is a simple, yet effective program to help you with guided meditations. There are more than 55 different guided meditations to choose from—truly something for everyone.

I love this app because it is easy to use and organizes exercises according to specific topics. For example, you can choose a guided meditation to help with depression, or sleep or anxiety. It also has the option to help you add chimes and sounds to your meditation in order to create a more customized experience.

As with many of these programs, you can access even more process with a premium subscription. We also love that this app allows you to track your progress, so you can record your daily meditation practice and see how you are doing throughout the year as you stay on track with your goals.

Feeling inspired to try something new? Go ahead and give these meditation apps a try and see for yourself first-hand how they can help change your meditation practice for the better.

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