How to Create a Zen Space and Make Your Home More Mindful

Your home says a lot about you that is why having a zen space is crucial. Your home can showcase your personal style, highlight what is important to you and provide you with a safe and comfortable place to rest each and every night. However, your home can also help set the mood for the rest of your life and can be a representation of your own personal attitude and mindset.

Simply put, if you have a messy and chaotic home, chances are, you are going to carry that messy and chaotic attitude into the rest of your life. However, if you take the time to create a relaxing, Zen-like space, you can carry that more mindful attitude with you throughout the rest of your day.

The good news is—this is typically easier than it seems, you just need to have a plan, and keep a few simple redecorating tips in mind.

What a Zen Space Can Do For You

So, you are ready to make a more Zen-like space in your home. Making this type of positive change can make a major impact on your life.

One of the first and most prominent things you will likely notice is that you start feeling more relaxed at home. If your home space is relaxed and conducive to practicing mindfulness and meditation—it will be easier for you to be more mindful at home and meditate regularly in a comfortable environment.

It will be easy to not only get in a more mindful state while in this environment, but set yourself up to get back into a mindful state when you are outside the home. You can easily start seeing your mindful home permeate into the rest of your life.

Maze, student, way.

Easy Changes To Make Your Home More Zen

Ready to start making some changes to your home space? Here are some easy things that you can do to bring a sense of Zen into your home and to make your space more mindful.

1.    Repaint in Natural Colors

The great thing about paint is that it is super easy to change. So, if you are looking for a fresh “Zen” makeover—consider repainting the walls. Use soft colors you would find in nature like forest greens, browns and grays to help bring a natural and calming effect to your space.

If you avoid bright, bold colors and high contrast decorating, you will be surprised by home calm and soothing your home suddenly feels. Take in these colors and the feelings they bring when you look at them to practice visual mindfulness.

2.    Put Softness Under Your Feed

Add carpets or rugs to your space and bring softness beneath your feet for a more welcoming and relaxing environment. If you are choosing carpets or rugs, consider wool or pure cotton, and keep with your natural color scheme.

The great thing about bringing softness to the ground of your space is that it makes it easier to walk around barefoot in a more natural way and it provides you with plenty of soft spaces to sit on the ground and meditate.

As you walk through your home on your new soft flooring—practice your mindfulness techniques and practice paying attention to what is underfoot.

3.    Play With Light

The lighting in your home is just as important as color schemes and décor—which is why you should make sure to include plenty of soft and natural light in your space. Open up windows, use lots of candles and avoid harsh or florescent lights.

You should also consider different sources of light that allow you to dim or control the intensity of the light. The more mood lighting the better. You want to be able to walk through your home and feel calm and relaxed, not like you are in a brightly lit grocery store.

More specifically, make sure that your bed is next to a source of natural light to help you naturally wake up in the morning.

4.    Simplicity is Key

If you want to create a more Zen space that helps harbor your mindfulness practice, then you want to keep it as simple as possible. In fact, simplicity is key to helping your feel relaxed and comfortable.

Too much ornamentation or decoration can actually cause a space to feel cluttered. Avoid too many trinkets or décor and avoid hanging too many things on the wall. Instead, make sure any photos or items that you use to decorate the home have some type of meaning to you and invoke some type of feeling—it will help make your space feel more welcoming and nurturing.

5.    Bring in the Scents

Being more mindful is all about being aware of all of your different sense and using them to be more in tune with your surroundings. This is why in addition to making sure your home looks and feels a certain way—you should also make sure that it smells a certain way.

Add natural scents to your home that remind you of nature. You can do this with linen sprays, candles and essential oils. Make sure that you are only using natural fragrances and things like beeswax instead of harshly flavored faux-scented candles.

Bringing the scents of nature into the home can not only help you be more mindful of how your space smells, but it can provide you with a calming environment that is great for restorative sleep and for your daily meditation practices as well.


Your home should be a comfortable sanctuary for you and the rest of your family. It should help put you in the right mindset and help you feel calm, centered and at-ease. It doesn’t have to take a lot in order to bring your home to this level. In fact, if you just stick to these easy home decorating, arranging and styling tips you can start making your pad a more mindful place to call “home.”

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