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10 Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence

As many people today know, there are so many different ways to be “intelligent.” Some people are book smart, others are geniuses at reading people, some are sales mavens while others have a high level of what is known as emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence (EI) is one of those unique forms of “smarts” that helps so many people today succeed not only in their personal endeavors but in their professional lives as well. The ability to deal with difficult emotions can be tough, but is necessary for personal growth. 

So, what exactly is emotional intelligence, well according to Psychology Today it is the “ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others.” If you are interested in what an emotionally intelligent individual looks like, here are some of the main characteristics they have.

1.They Have a Great Work/Life Balance.

Maintaining that perfect work/life balance is such a struggle for so many busy individuals today, but emotionally intelligent people have an uncanny way of making it look easy. Those with high levels of emotional intelligence tend to have a better understanding of when it is time to work and when it is time to play. They succeed at both and mange to do it without being overly stressed.

2. They are Laser-Focused.

If you are dealing with someone with a high level of emotional intelligence, don’t expect them to get distracted easily. Emotionally intelligent individuals have the unique ability to hone in on the task in front of them. Whether it’s a busy surrounding, an email notification or an interruption from a co-worker, chances are they are not going to be distracted.

3. They’re Pretty Easy Going.

You may think that someone with such as highly unique level of intelligence would also be a perfectionist—but you would be wrong. Typically, people with EI don’t view the world this way and actually have a very unique ways of approaching tasks and goals. They are so in tune with themselves and others that they don’t spend time chasing the dream of being “perfect” because they know it isn’t real. They make mistakes and don’t let those mistakes get them down, they are able to brush it off and keep going. Along with that, they also tend to embrace change, they know it’s part of life and don’t let change overwhelm them or stress them out.

4. They’re Open Minded.

You won’t find people with high EI being extremely close-minded or stubborn. They are often able to understand people’s emotions so well that they find it easy to see their point of view and have an intelligent, balanced discussion with them, even when discussing delicate subjects. In short, they aren’t going to get in a heated debate over politics with you.

5. They Are a Bit Guarded.

Just because someone has a high level of emotional intelligence, it doesn’t mean that they are overly emotional on a day-to-day basis. In fact, they often set very strict boundaries with others and can be a bit guarded. They know how to say “no” to others when it’s best for them, because they understand saying “yes” to everyone will only bring about stress.

6. They Embrace Their Strengths and Understand Their Weaknesses.

If there is one single reason why people with high EI tend to be so successful it is likely because they know their strengths and weaknesses. They understand what their good at and have the wherewithal to embrace that and use it to their advantage. They also know how to leverage those strengths to make up for their weaknesses. They don’t dwell on or get overwhelmed by their weaknesses or spend too much time trying to change them, they accept it and focus on what they’re good it.

7. They Have a Sense of Empathy.

True empathy is a very unique characteristic to have. So many people are able to feel sympathetic towards others, but feeling sorry for someone and being able to picture yourself in their shoes are too very different things. This is why those with high levels of EI are able to relate so well to others and why they are so proficient and showing compassion.

8. They Are Inquisitive.

This characteristic has a lot to do with empathy. When you meet someone with high EI, you will likely notice how inquisitive they are. It is not to be nosy, rude or to pry into people’s live, it is because they are curious and want to be able to understand others better. When you meet a EI individual for the first time, you will know.

9. They Are Always Looking Forward.

People with high levels of emotional intelligence aren’t the types to swell in the past, they are the individuals that are always looking towards the future. They don’t focus on the things that they can’t change or let negativity get them down, they optimistically look towards what tomorrow will bring.

10. They Forgive Easily.

When you are friends with someone with high levels of EI, you will notice they don’t hold grudges, they don’t dwell on past arguments and they are quick to forgive and move forward. This has to do with their high levels of empathy and their ability to always look forward. They are very positive people and understand that others mistakes and don’t want to waste time being angry about something they can’t change. A person with high emotional intelligence is a great friend to have as they can forgive, forget and move on.

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