How Meditation Can Help You Make Difficult Decisions

No matter what the decision may be, we all have our own way of making tough choices. For some, the answer is making a pro-con list, for others it involves consulting the counsel of someone they trust. However, if you want to find a truly insightful way to make decisions that you feel comfortable with, it may be time to give meditation a try.

In practice, the art of using meditation as a decision-making tool is extremely simple. Sit in a quiet place. Ignore the past. Don’t think about the future. Instead, stay still for a few minutes. Breathe deeply, concentrate on your breath and focus on the decision you need to make.

In a few minutes, chances are you will find the clarity and peace of mind that you have been looking for so you can make the decision that is best for you.

It seems almost too simple right? Well, maybe not. In fact, there is a great deal of research behind embracing the art of meditation and how it can help people make decisions, whether big or small, that they actually feel comfortable with.

Getting in Touch With Yourself

If you have ever practiced mindful meditation before, you know that at its core, this practice is all about self-observation. In fact, one of the main components of mindful meditation is being able to observe your own breath, without trying to change it. It is all about acceptance. You have to be present in the moment, and non-judgmental.

This type of deep self-awareness can be extremely helpful when it comes to decision making because it helps prevent your brain from wandering, and puts you in a mindset to observe what is in front of you, without working to judge or change what is going on. In short, all of the “what if’s” and second guessing that often accompany the decision making process can suddenly disappear.

When you start mindfully meditating, you are less reactive and more compassionate with yourself, making it easier to explore your natural train of thought and emotions that arise in the decision making process, without trying to suppress or change them. It allows you to explore what is really in front of you in a more carefree manner. The result is a new perspective and the ability to get to know yourself better while exploring the situation in front of you.

Letting Go of the Past and Embracing Rationality

One of the main references people draw upon when making a decision is their past decisions and experiences. It is normal to be consumed with your past, especially when it comes to making decisions for your future.

However, with mindful meditation, you can focus on the present and exactly what is in front of you instead of worrying about what has happened before. Instead of focusing on what is behind you, meditation allows you to embrace a more rational mindset so you can make the right decisions for you.

Most people, in general consider themselves rational individuals, but you may not actually be as rational as you think. Mindful meditation can bring this new, rational perspective to your decision-making process.

Mindful meditation isn’t about the past or the future, it allows you to open up your mind to the most clear and rational way of thinking possible, so you can make decisions that make sense for you and where you are in your life right now, instead of allowing yourself to become completely focused on yourself, in the present and the decision that lies before you.

Bringing Unity to Your Decision-Making Process

No matter how big or how small, making decisions can be difficult. Taking a mindful approach through meditation to come to a conclusion on those decisions can only help with the process. Decisions are all about duality, about two competing ideas. Mindfulness, on the other hand, is all about unity.

Think about some of the bad decisions you have made in the past. What caused you to make those bad decisions? Chances are it was a decision out of habit of familiarity. You can let those things go with mindful meditation, break out of your habits and bring a sense of unity to the decision-making process. You can start thinking about what you want and what you need instead of about the competition between the two dueling ideals.

Taking the time to really sit down, let your mind unwind and to meditate on a decision before making a final call can really bring a sense of clarity and understanding to your process. Decision making doesn’t have to be stressful it can actually be an exercise that helps bring you peace if you just embrace a more mindful approach in making your decision.

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