How the Tech World is Embracing Meditation

When most people think about today’s fast-paced tech world, chances are they don’t naturally think about meditation. The tech industry doesn’t necessarily seem to have a lot in common with the Zen nature that most people associate with meditation. However, some of the biggest names in technology are embracing the art of meditation.

It isn’t just the tech industry either. There are many large corporations from all different sectors of the market who are encouraging their employees to start meditating as a way to reduce anxiety and boost productivity and morale in the workplace. This has all been apart of the recent mindfulness trend that is helping employees in high-stress jobs promote their physical and mental well-being.

Here are just a few of the big name tech giants that are promoting the art of meditation among their employees.


The late Steve Jobs was always a proponent of meditation, and he brought his love for daily meditation to his company. Apple employees are allowed to have 30 minutes per day to meditate on their own either in their own space or in one of the building’s meditation rooms. The company also offers classes for those who want to learn more about meditation.


HBO may make its living by promoting people to sit on their sofas and indulge in whatever is on the television. However, that doesn’t mean that the television giant promotes the same lifestyle with their employees. The company was one of the first in its field to offer its team members with access to resources that promote mental health. Free yoga and meditation classes are offered for all employees who need a much-needed mental break during their days.


Google is known for all of the unique benefits it offers its employees and for its over-the-top campus that gives its workers everything they need to enjoy a better work-life balance. While Google makes time for fun, there is no denying that this industry giant pushes its workers to do their best. For those that may feel the pressure of the added workplace stress, there is the company’s Personal Growth sector. Since 2007, Google has had their own department, specifically designed to help their employees grow personally. This includes their popular “Search Inside Yourself” program which focuses on emotional intelligence and mindfulness. The company also has its own meditation spaces and offers a number of courses on meditation practices.



Yahoo! has been implementing several initiatives to reduce employee stress over the past few years, yet one of their biggest success stories has to do with meditation. In the company’s official office, there are several meditation rooms where employees can take a break, enjoy some peace and quiet and engage in their own meditation practices. With more and more studies finding that several meditation sessions throughout the day can improve mental well-being, Yahoo! is ensuring that their employees have the time and space to practice on their own.

As for those who need some assistance in creating a more mindful work day, the organization also offers free classes on-site, including meditation and yoga classes created to help relieve employee stress.


When AOL Time Warner publicly had to endure several cutbacks, it resulted in their remaining employees needing to endure much longer and much more stressful workdays. With workplace stress at an all-time high, the tech giant decided to add new meditation rooms into their facility and offer meditation classes into the average workday. This resulted in an opportunity for all employees to step away from their long days and into a quiet and re-energizing place where they could

Many in today’s tech industry are embracing the serenity, mindfulness and calm that comes with daily meditation. While most people wouldn’t naturally think of tech gurus as being meditation fans, many are finding balance in their lives with daily meditation. After all, studies have found that meditation can help improve focus, concentration, mood and memory, which can result in better performances from today’s most successful tech experts. So, even if you are someone that spends most of your day glued to a screen, perhaps a little mindful relaxation and purposeful meditation can help you get that extra boost you are looking for.

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